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Presentation/Show & Tell at Coastal Grove Elementary

Today we had the pleasure of meeting some of our most important travel “partners” Miss Katie Ramsey’s 2nd Grade class at Coastal Grove Charter School.  No, they are not coming with us; however, we will be sharing our experiences with them more so than with others… Let me explain: We want to share our trip and experiences with as many people as possible, and we think that children would be able to learn from our adventures as much or even more than we will. Throughout our adventures we will be in contact with Miss Katie’s class via e-mails, tele-conferencing and good ol’ snail mail. We will share with them many facts about the places we visit including: history, cultural facts, and food (a lot about food). We will be sending them recipes of local cuisine for them to cook and try.

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  1. Katie

    It was so much fun to have you at School today! The kids were so excited to hear about your trip and especially loved climbing up into your “tree house tent”!

    The children were hard at work designing and sewing what has turned out to be a rabbit. It is soon to be your new best friend.

    We look forward to corresponding with you during your big adventure!



  2. Seann Ritzman

    Hey Luis (and lady) I wish you guys all the best… I’m bookmarking this and hope to find the time (or make the time) to read through all your adventures. Safe travels dude!

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