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Two weeks in the Landcruiser

We just got back from a little adventure in the Landcruiser.  We drove to Grass Valley, California to pick up a replacement front bumper kindly donated by Luke at 4×4 Labs. This bumper is light and sturdy with very sturdy and beautiful tubework. An as of yet undecided upon winch will eventually reside in between the sturdy clevis mounts.

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After installing our new bumper it was down to deliver 3 roof top tents for our sponsor Campinglab. Promptly after the tent delivery we headed to Prescott, Arizona where we attended Overland Expo.  At OvExpo we met a lot of like minded overland travel type folk and saw lots of drooll-worthy vehicles and gadgets. We highly recommend checking out Jim and Sheri’s web-site “Tale of Two Travelers”. These two adventurers drove an 80 series Landcruiser from London, England  to Cape Town, South Africa.Please check out their site and specially their videos.

Check out Holt Webb’s Vanishing America project and take him out to dinner if he drives through your town.

We had a great time at the Expo, although I must say it was rather odd to be exhibiting our home when we were not planning on doing so. We actually camped and lived in our truck which was part of the Campinglab exhibit, it was odd to be having coffee and breakfast while people came by to ask about products:)

After a wonderful farewell dinner Sunday night we departed OvExpo Monday morning. We drove over Hoover Dam and through Vegas to camp out in Death Valley National Park. Beautiful place of stark contrasts, lot of sun and even more wind.

We departed the many washboard roads and the dying spring flowers of Death Valley in search of hot springs.  Martyn from Adventure Trailers recommended Travertine Hot Springs near Bridgeport was our planned destination, but upon arrival we discored many others shared our plan, but what a beautiful place. Absolutely mesmerizing rock formations and comfortable looking hot pools of water. We hopped back into the Cruiser in search of privacy, alas we did not find privacy at our next spot.  Grover Hot Springs in Markleeville although nice and warm, these springs are basicaly a gated community pool.  The campground on the other hand is not to be missed, the area has beautiful meadows and an idylic setting for a weekend getaway from it all.

Here are some pics from our adventure…

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  1. tamara suarez

    Hola Luis and Lacey, I love it guys, Luis I am so excited for are having an incredible time..I loved to read your experience in the expo and seen the pictures and Tie with you taking care of encanta estoy tan feliz por ti. I love you both and wish you the time of your life.

  2. chris

    Nice trip. Thanks for the pics. I am bummed we did not hook up while you were in GV, but I know you guys were hard pressed for time. Next time perhaps. I cant believe how much your dog looks like Velvet, one of the Sorter dogs! Any chance you will be posting your impressions of the RTT?

  3. Don’t worry so much, you are like a cat, it does not matter from where you fall you always land on your feet. I have seen it 100 times so have fun!
    love you guys!

  4. He he, I like the part about being on exhibit during your breakfast. You will have plenty of such curiosity when you get underway. The cruiser looks just about ready – hope you’re planning on leaving soon!

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