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A photo-less update…

Let us start by apologizing for our lack of posts, we have been having trouble posting pics… and our Facebook site has been getting the brunt of our attention due to the 233 subscribed fans.

We are in Grass Valley, CA. We have been out of our House for over 20 days… It has been interesting so far.  We have yet to sleep in our roof top tent and the kitchen Luis worked so hard on has not been broken in yet.  You could say we have been couch surfing.

We spent two weeks in Portland working on the truck and staying with Lacey’s sister and her boyfriend who treated us like family (OH wait! They are :)).  Chris Lynch, our ever so kind and hard working friend and mechanic worked way to many hours replacing our engine (again) and doing some major maintenance on our front end and rear differential.  We now have new brakes front and rear… nice thing in a fully loaded Landcruiser. Chris was also kind enough to let us drive his diesel FJ62 while our Cruiser was indisposed (very nice diesel Cruiser which happens to be for sale ;)).

In order to properly break in our “new” engine we stayed in Portland a few days driving and enjoying a great city.  We also took a side trip to Seattle where our friends Carlos, Liz, The Mucho and Mateo treated us like kings for 3 nights.

We have made our way to Grass Valley and are currently enjoying the hospitality of Karen and Ramsey. They have a very beautiful and welcoming house.  If there ever was a proper situation to use the term “good vibes” this place is it.  We have slept outside in a comfortable bed enjoying the stars for the last two nights, it has been great! Grass Valley is also the home of 4X4 Labs the manufacturer of our front and rear bumpers. Luke, the proprietor of 4X4 Labs has been very good to us and we love his bumpers… skills are dripping around the shop.

Last but not least Chris McGovern, the first subscribed fan of our little endeavour, also happens to live in Grass Valley and today we finally met in person and he proceeded to treat us to a great lunch.  We will probably meet later tonite for cordials…


  1. Erin Mooney

    No, Luis, there never is a proper situation to use the term “good vibes,” but thank you for trying. We miss you guys already. Mucho.

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