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The Ramsey’s

As we mentioned in a previous post the Ramsey’s were kind enough to take us in while we spent a few days in Grass Valley.  We loved their home. Really…  a lot. We could have stayed there.  So here are a few pics that will not show you how cool a place this is.  Stay tuned, because following the pics is a funny anecdote about Luis.

Luis’ anecdote revolves around Ramsey’s pick up truck so Luis will narrate:
I borrowed Ramsey’s truck to go to Luke’s shop, I drove there and hung out for a while then proceeded to go to lunch. We later returned to the shop to pick up our brand new rear bumper. While driving back to the Ramsey’s to drop off the pick-up I started to run out of gas… crap!!! I pulled off to the side of the freeway and called Luke for help. He was kind enough to jump in his FJ40/Mercedes diesel and came to the rescue. In the meantime I waited and made a few phone calls. The California Highway Patrol stopped by to check on me and make sure help was on its way (nice of them). After a fairly short wait Luke shows up with a can of gas… we proceed to transfer fuel from the can to the truck tank, but the minute fuel starts flowing the tank starts to overflow. The tank is full!!! Well here comes the embarrassing part: if you look back at the pictures, check Ramsey’s truck. Look closely and you may notice that it has two fuel tanks. I wasn’t out of gas!!! One of the tanks was out of gas, all I had to do was press a button and fuel flowed freely into the carb. Yes, stuff like this will happen a lot.

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