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Overland Journal Visit

After our whirlwind tour of southern Utah and the Grand Canyon we spent a night in the very touristy town of Sedona.  It is an interesting town (when you leave the touristy areas) in a beautiful setting.  It is funny how a place that is renowned for its beautiful scenery winds up having all the little cheap generic tourist trap stores that we have seen everywhere in this country.

Hotels are horribly expensive in this area, but we were due for some laundry, a nice comfy bed, TV and some finger wrinkling length showers 🙂  We found the cheapest place in town and booked a room.  Ahhhhh… there really is nothing quite like a long hot shower and a bed.

The following morning we packed up our clean clothes and headed south to Prescott, Arizona home of one of our favorite magazines: Overland Journal.  This is a magazine dedicated to the “art” of vehicle dependent traveling in other words: US.  When we arrived at their shop/warehouse we were greeted by the publisher of the mag, Scot Brady.  We spoke of his recent adventures driving through Central America and other magazine related topics.  He invited us to camp in the property or even within the warehouse and since we needed to do some maintenance and re-organizing we took him up on the offer.

"Camping" inside the Overland Journal shop
"Camping" inside the Overland Journal shop

Needless to say it was rather odd to sleep in our roof top tent inside of a warehouse, let’s just say it was… different.

The following day we took everything out of the Cruiser and repacked… a gargantuan task at best due to the insane amount of stuff we have.  We know, we know, get rid of some of it.  We are ejecting stuff as we go and I am sure things will continue to be donated and disposed of along the way (just ask Jeremy at Overland Journal offices).

This is the majority of our stuff staged outside of the Cruiser... quite a bit no?
This is the majority of our stuff staged outside of the Cruiser... quite a bit no?

Check out the post at the Overland Journal Blog, link here.  Thanks so much to Scott, Jeremy and Nathan for their help and hospitality. Good luck to Nathan’s little bro in his endeavors as a USN recruit in the upcoming months.

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  1. What a great journey you are embarking on. I will be following you along the way and it looks like you may be headed into my “expertise,” the Baja Peninsula, very soon. Enjoy the wilds of both coasts and the gracious people along the way. Travel safe and holler anytime you need any assistance stateside. I’m sure you have a plethora of friends and family following, but you never know. My email is active 24/7 365 days a year almost anywhere.


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