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We have it!

I picked up the Landcruiser in Portland last week. I love it. I knew I would, but I really do. We both do. In fact the only way to describe Lacey when she first drove the car is “giddy.”  This Landcruiser with a 12HT diesel engine is night and day when compared to the venerable 2F gas engine it replaced. Gobs of low end power and now we have a 5 speeds to mess with. We also have a new suspension, Old Man Emu heavy springs and shocks all around. The suspension is stiff, and the ride with the car unloaded is “interesting,” but I am sure it will be great once the truck is loaded and officially becomes our home in May.

The drive from Portland was very mellow.  I stopped in Eugene to spend the night at Jesse and Erika’s place. Had a delicious dinner at “Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen” If you like soul food this is the place to go in Eugene. Great food, live blues music and an enjoyable ambiance. Check it out.

Now that we have the truck it really feels like this show is on the road. Things are falling into place. It wont be easy, there are tons of things we still need to do for the truck and for ourselves.

What is next for the truck you say? That is a long list, in fact I just counted the number of bullets in our truck “To Do List” and there are 34 items! That includes our kitchen, refrigerator, air locker for the rear diff and so on and so forth… Here are a few pics of the “still unnamed” Landcruiser:

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  1. Just curious, is your cruiser plated in california?
    I have been searching for an fj60…i think I found one…just have to pull the trigger

    I want to do an engine swap. cost, and which engine and the risk of not being able to get it plated make me cautious.

    your rig look sweet. 4×4 labs is here in my home town, grass valley…are they doing some work on your rig?

    sorry, i am a nerd.

  2. Argh, keep that work of beauty off the beach! Beware Rust!

    Also in response to the last commenter, what a coincidence I bought my body donor truck from the guys at 4×4 labs down in grass valley.

    1. Luis Author

      Ahhh yes the beach… well, problem is we live at the beach in Northern California. All we can do is avoid the surf and I place the sprinkler under the truck when we get home. I was thinking of spoiling the truck with a Staun Chassis Spa, but our budget is nearly depleted…. we (by we I mean I, Luis) are cutting back on a lot of the mods we had planned on doing to the rig…

  3. Looking good. A ver como se vera esa vaina despues de un par de semanas de uso. No te preocupa dejarlo parado por ahi en el camino? Sounds scary que te lo vayan a desvalijar.

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