Mexico, North America

Our 6 month Half-iversary…

Friends and family,

6 months ago today we sold all our earthly belongings, left our home in California and moved into our cozy new home: our trusty steed, the tight quartered Landcruiser.  In the last 17,500 miles and 6 months we have grown to love the Landcruiser and its dependable diesel engine even more than we did when CampingLab donated the vehicle to us over a year ago. We have seen a large portion of the United States and we are still enjoying the wonders of Mexico. We have met wonderful folks of all nationalities all along the way, and everyone (even corrupt cops) have been terribly nice to us.

Planning a trip of this magnitude and expecting to complete it in anything less than a lifetime is a disservice to the sights and peoples along the way.  We could have easily spent a year in Southern Utah or Baja California alone!  But we will keep on truckin’ and hoping to see and learn as much as we can.

To those of you following our adventures and sending us notes filled with love and support we send our Love and Thanks.  Hang in there with us as we find our way.


Luis and Lacey

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