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Air conditioner

This will be a short post.

Since we moved out of our home and into the Landcruiser we have been using the A/C non-stop.  As residents of Arcata we rarely use the A/C if ever.  It feels weird to have it on all the time.

Yesterday as we left the Gila Cliff Dwellings the weather was very pleasant so we wanted to enjoy the windows open for the first time on our trip.  About five minutes into the drive a mutant horse wasp about the size of an index finger flew in and stung Luis in the neck!  After some moments of agonizing pain, windows went up and A/C was on and will be on for the duration of the US portion of our trip 🙂

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  1. Mars

    you say the windows will be closed for the duration of the US trip, do you think the bugs in central and south America will be any better?! just asking?
    have a good time!

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