Ecuador, South America

Luis Attacked by Piranhas in Ecuador!

Well, the truth is he was attacked by one piranha, while fishing for piranha and it was a tiny (maybe 5 inch) piranha… but the title is a lot cooler, no?

So the story goes as follows: We spent a week in Reserva Cuyabeno a National Park that is part of the Ecuadorian Amazon (more about this wonderful place in another post). On one of our daily canoe day trips we went fishing, not for food, but for the tourist practice of fishing for piranha (the Amazon’s Deadliest Catch?). Touristy, but fun.

Armed with “fishing poles” (sticks with a mono line and a rusty hook) and some raw beef, we find a good spot and start casting. It doesn’t take long for us to start bringing in piranha. They are ruthless eaters and a feeding frenzy ensues.  [flickr id=”6538032905″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”center”]Luis catches one…

[flickr id=”6538033823″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”center”]And proceeds to unhook, this is a catch and release fishery after all…

[flickr id=”6538034823″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”center”]

[flickr id=”6538035613″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”center”]The problem comes when Luis attempts to place the tiny piranha on his hand in order to allow Lacey a good view for a photo… piranhas are quick and vicious and have razor sharp teeth… This tiny fellow proceeds to bounce of Luis’ hand an take a chunk off his thumb!!!

[flickr id=”6538036193″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”center”]

Lesson learned. Don’t mess with piranhas, no matter how small 🙂 Our guide brought up the good side of the event: “Can we keep the photos, so that we can show other tourists exactly what not to do?” Yes ladies and gentlemen, Luis took one for the team so that others could learn from his mistakes (as usual).



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