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Andres Carne de Res Chia

If you’ve been to Bogota and did not spend at least one evening at “Andres Carne de Res” your visit to Bogota was truly incomplete. Really, we are not exaggerating. We did not know what to think when every single person we met on our way to Bogota would say: “Do not miss Andres in Chia, it is awesome!” They would say “it is an expensive restaurant, but well worth the visit.” That is the type of comment you get for El Bulli or maybe The French Laundry, so we where exited to go, but had no idea why we had never heard about this place. Well, we did not really come to grasp what “Andres” was all about, until we visited.

Let us start by quickly introducing our cast for the night of our visit to Andres: Our great new friends Fico and his girlfriend Titi; in another post we will talk about how we met Fico, a local Bogotan that took Lacey and myself in and treated us like family for 3 weeks! For the visit there was also Paul, better known in some circles as “UK4X4 a Brit and fellow member of forum, who happened to be in Bogota for a few days. And to round up the night Lacey and yours truly.

The truth is I think it would be near impossible for me to describe Andres Carne de Res with my lack of descriptive skills. The place is amazing! It is one of the most interesting and fun experiences I have ever had. I may sound like I am exaggerating after all this is just a restaurant, but I am not and this is a lot more than just a restaurant. It is a restaurant/live theater/dance your butt off place/ bar… and more.  Andres is probably about the size of a whole city block yet it is filled with an interesting cornucopia of random paraphernalia and crazy decorations with no real rhyme or reason. There are people of all ages and social stratta (granted the cost does keep it a little narrow), and everyone is in such a good mood and such a party mode that it is contagious. You cannot help to be giddy and happy to be there. By the way this is not a sponsored post, even Luis danced most of the night!!!

I will attempt to take you there by showing you the following fully annotated gallery, so please check it out (pardon the poor quality of the pics). If you ever visit Bogota do not miss Andres Carne de Res!




  1. Laura Lampley

    LOVE the photos; looks like quite the place!! Especially if Luis danced (which I do not believe I have had the pleasure of witnessing). Wish I could have been partying it up right next to ya both….Argentina 2012. That’s all I have to say 🙂 Love you guys!!!!

    1. (Luis) I did dance, it took a couple of Cuba Libres but I danced my ass off… the happiness there was infectious… can’t wait to hang out with you in Argentina.

    1. Luis Author

      Sorry, we waited for you guys as long as we could… we will wait for you in Ecuador. We should be in Ecuador at least through June maybe longer.

  2. Jeff and Nicole

    My wife and I are going to Bogota in November to see Aerosmith at Parque Simon Bolivar. How important is it a brush up on our already very poor Spanish? We are planning to stay in or near Bogota D.C. Any tips or advice for a couple from Minneapolis MN?

  3. Mars

    Wow! You had me at “even Luis danced most of the night!!!!” I can not believe it! It really says a lot of Andres Carne De Res 😉 kudos for a job well done!

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