Central America

One Year on the Road! Our First Anniversary.

One year on the road. Can you believe it?

Exactly one year ago today we got rid of anything that would not fit into The Landcruiser and moved out of our beautiful wreck of a house. One year ago we said farewell to our friends and neighbors. We have been living out of the Landcruiser for one year. Living on the road, driving around the United States, Mexico and all of Central America for the last year. 9 countries and 8 border crossings in one year. Redundant? Yes, I know, but we can hardly believe it has been that long, it seems like our going away party at Humboldt Brews was just yesterday.

When we left our home in Arcata, California on July 18th 2009 the plan was to drive to Ushuaia, Argentina and back “home” to Arcata in a year and a half. Plans change, or maybe they evolve. However you look at it, our plans are definitely changing as time goes by, almost daily.

In the last year we have visited some beautiful places, been amazed by different cultures (alive and extinct), we have met some amazing people, made new friends and some strangers, had some sublime meals and loved every minute of it (well almost every minute!). The truth is The Landcruiser has become “home” and we are still in Central America even though the original plan called for us to be headed back to California by now. Don’t get us wrong we have no intention of not finishing our  “Americas trip.” We have just decided to go a little slower. We have adopted the nomadic lifestyle, become vagabonds, or another way to put it is we have become the transients that so annoyed us in Arcata (well, maybe not that bad!).

What does this all mean? Who knows. At the very least it means our adventure towards Ushuaia has been extended at the very least another year and a half! Yes, December 2011 in Argentina. What happens between now and there, could be anyone’s guess. The only certainties we have are that we have some amazing countries left to visit and the fact that our plans will continue to evolve 🙂

This is by no means an accurate map or an accurate representation of our route, but it is not far from the truth...


  1. kendra (cecil) olmos

    Oh my goodness another year and a half??!! Tai is going to forget about you 2 by then 🙁
    No, seriously that’s fantastic. You two stay safe and continue to have a wonderful trip, one that most people can only imagine.


  2. Johnathan

    Hello I found your adventure through Expedition Portal and after reading through it all, I had to stop and say hi. I am from northern california myself having lived in the chico area most of my life. My wife and I actually made a week long trip through the lost coast last year and had a blast. anyways super reading and look forward to reading more. Be safe and have fun

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