Why on earth are you doing this?
We love to travel, we love to experience different cultures, people, foods, architecture, nature, everything. Why not do it? I mean go all out and experience it? The truth is no one says you can’t. We are culturally “told” not to take off and do what we want to do. We have decided to ignore that little voice inside our heads and go find the world…  We want our expedition to be a lot more than a “touristy drive through” we want a significant cultural exchange that can only be accomplished by relatively extended periods of residence in the communities we visit.

What are your current goals?

Here is a list that will be updated regularly, it is still evolving if you will:

  • Reconditioning a 1987 FJ60 Toyota Landcruiser with a  diesel conversion, expedition comfort, etc.
  • Educate the four wheelin’ community along the way on the concepts of “Tread Lightly!
  • Cultural immersion/exchange with local communities
  • Volunteering at organic farms around the world with the help of World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming (WWOOF)
  • Attempt to be as self sufficient as possible: fishing, spearfishing, foraging whenever possible
  • We are studying the feasibility of printing a simple coloring booklet depicting our trip route (map of the Americas) and our trip goals. This booklet could teach cultural geography, alternative energy, “Tread Lightly!” and other aspects of our trips fairly easily and concisely to the children we meet along the way
  • Merchandising! Fundraising T-shirts printed on organic cotton T’s and soy based inks… and perhaps photos of the trip
  • Inspire others to fulfill their dreams and challenge themselves

How long will you be gone for?
Well, to be honest with you… we do not know. We are planning to be gone a minimum of one year. We really are not disorganized or anything like that, but realistically so many things can happen during this voyage that we are just going to plan for that first year and if things go well we will continue as long as it takes for us to find that lost world…

How will you communicate with everyone back home?

Through our content rich web-site, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We will be posting verbose updates as well as photo and video galleries on our website  whenever possible along the way.

Are you nuts?
Luis is definitely not stable, ergo Lacey must be nuts too.

Can we go with you?
Trust me, you would not last more than a week in a confined space with Luis; however, if you feel like braving it… visitors will be welcome for short stretches. As long as everything is arranged well ahead of time we can pick up at airports and what not… it will be nice to have guests in our cramped and humble abode.

What are your “wishful” long term plans?

If we had gobs of funding this is what Luis would say:

“Lost World Expedition will consist of 5 Phases that will include The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Phase I of Lost World Expedition will be a year long expedition departing from our hometown in California driving to Ushuaia, Argentina and from there drive  to Caracas, Venezuela. We will drive to Ushuaia via the Panamerican Highway and staying close to the west coast the  Americas and we will drive from Ushuaia to Caracas, Venezuela along the east coast of South America and hopefuly a portion of the Trans Amazonian highway (depending on road conditions). Upon our arrival to Caracas, we will ship to Europe, or South Africa to continue our voyage….”

This is something Luis actually said when budget had not come to mind yet, but it is still our hope.

How can you afford a trip of this magnitude?
We cannot. Before our departure we will sell everything we own and keep in mind we will be living in our truck. Sleeping, cooking, hosting guests, etc. We plan to live austerely in order to stretch out the little funds we have. We will be volunteering in several communities where they trade labor for room and board. Both Lacey and I have restaurant and hospitality services experience so in a pinch we could stay somewhere and work for a spell.  We also have a few sponsors that are contributing to our expedition and you may contribute too if you would like to help. If you enjoy living vicariously through us you may throw us some change via paypal or buy some of our ever so cool forthcoming merchandise..

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