Teotihuacan to Oaxaca-Playing the game of catch up

Sadly, we have to admit that we have fallen extremely behind on this blog thing. We would love to be able to blame it on horrible internet, a catastrophe that has prevented us from getting to a computer, or something else beyond our control, but unfortuately the blame is all ours. I guess our only excuse is that we have gotten caught up in all there is to see and do and just haven’t made time to sit down and write about them. In this post we will make a sad attempt to catch up and start again fresh (once again). Unfortunately we won’t be able to even begin to do justice to the many places we have visited since our last post, some of them being amongst our favorites so far. We will, however, post a bunch of pictures and hope that they at least will begin to convey the beauty of the places.

From San Miguel de Allende we made our way to Mexico City, or as Mexicans call it, DF. One of the most common things we have been told on this trip is that what ever you do, don’t drive in Mexico City. The problem being that in order to try to cut down on air pollution, DF (and in fact the whole state of Mexico) has a policy called “Hoy No Circula.” It basically translates to: you can’t drive your vehicle at least one day a week, that day corresponding to the last digit or letter on your license plate. We were told by lot’s of people that if you attempt to drive in Mexico City or the surrounding area and have foreign plates, it doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is, you are going to feel the “mordida” (the bite or a bribe).

Keeping this in mind we decided to leave the Landcruiser in a campground outside of the city limits  and take a bus in.  We found two nice campgrounds located just north of the city, but they are still located within the “Hoy No Circula” zone. We decided to take our chances, so after checking the day of the week and our license plate, we headed to Teotihuacan just north of Mexico City. We found a nice little campground there with no problems from over zealous corrupt cops looking for extra income.  As an added benefit the campground is walking distance from the ruins of Teotihucan and only a $4 bus ride (for both of us) to the city.

We were very pleasantly surprised with Mexico City and instead of the dirty smog filled city we had heard about, we found a beautiful clear city with a great downtown area. In parts of the city we felt like we were walking through an old European city. One day we spent 6 hours walking through the Museum of Anthropology and didn’t even make it to the second floor. This really is a must see museum if you happen to be in the city.

Leaving Teotihuacan we made a straight shot for the city of Oaxaca, and arrived at a campground just outside of town just as it was getting dark. Oaxaca has been one of our favorite places in Mexico so far, we could have easily spent a few weeks there. Oaxaca is known as the state that produces some of the best food and crafts in all of Mexico and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Monte Alban is located just outside of the city and is one of the better archeological sites we visited. We were even treated to an early morning tour of a Mezcal factory owned by the owner of the campground. We both agree that some Mezcales take the cake over tequila anyday!

In Oaxaca we met an awesome couple, Catherine and Cale (The C’s). They are backpacking around Mexico and were staying at the same campground as us.  After enjoying their company in Oaxaca for a week, we made room in the Landcruiser for The C’s and headed to the beach for a few days.

We ended up at Zipolite, a nice bay with a nude beach on one end. A beautiful stretch of coastline on the Pacific. We were able to catch a great day of beach, sun and a little water (unfortunately there were big unruly waves and not the best swimming conditions) while trying to avert our gaze from all (or maybe some) of the nudists walking around. What is it with nudists and the insane idea of bending over right in front of other beachgoers? Can’t they at least bend at the knees ? :)  We bid our sad farewell to the C’s in Zipolite as they made their way back to THE Baja.

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